Air International 1983-10
??? - Aeritalia ... a Growing Force
An early production Tornado IDS in AMI finish.
A mixed group of production and development Tornadoes at Caselle Nord, where Aeritalia has responsibility for final production of the Italian-built Tornadoes.
Aeritalia-Aermacchi-Embraer AMX
Eight years after the first production G.222 was flown, this aircraft remains of major importance to Aeritalia's Transport Aircraft Group, the latest variant to fly being the G.222RM for navaid calibration.
Production of the Tyne-engined G.222T for Libya continuing and 15 versions existing or proposed.
One of the latest export customers for the G.222 is Venezuela, one of two aircraft for the Venezuelan Army being illustrated. The Venezuelan Air Force has also ordered six and has a requirement for six additional aircraft. Another recent purchaser is the Nigerian Air Force which has contracted for five G.222s.
The G.222 tactical transport continues to he an important programme for Aeritalia's Transport Aircraft Group. The newest version for the Aeronautica Militare is the G.222RM for airport radio calibration (on photo)
The most important export model, numerically, is the Tyne-engined G.222T for Libya.
The Aeritalia/Partenavia Spartacus is the latest extrapolation from the original P68. It is distinguished by turboprop engines and a revised tail unit, after difficulties were encountered with an all-flying tail used on two prototypes.
The AP68TP/300 Spartacus, shown here in definitive pre-production form, will begin to reach customers early next summer.
Also still in production is the P68 Observer, an earlier piston-engined variant offering excellent forward visibility.
AP68TP/300 Spartacus