Air International 1984-12
The Jaguar ACT demonstrator rolls to display its wing root extensions during the Farnborough flying programme last September.
Наиболее известны в Америке самолеты Tucano из "Esquadrao da Fumaca" - бразильской пилотажной группы, базирующейся в Пирасунунга.
McDonnell Douglas has received a $117.8m contract from USAF’s Aeronautical Systems Division’s Flight Dynamics Laboratory to develop a STOL and Maneuver Technology Demonstrator aircraft.
The first photograph of the new retractable-gear Aeritalia-Partenavia Spartacus R version of the current production AP68TP/300. The Spartacus R entered flight test in July 1984, but no production decision has yet been taken. The fixed-gear Spartacus is currently being built at a rate of 1-5 monthly.
Desmond Norman conducted the first flight of the NAC 1 Freelance at Sandown on the IoW on 30 September 1984, accompanied by Anthony Brown. The Freelance, produced by NDN Aircraft Ltd and to be marketed and distributed by newly-formed Norman Aeroplane Co Ltd, is a multi-role four-seater based upon the Britten Norman BN-3 Nymph. Re-registered G-NACI, the prototype Freelance in fact uses parts of the original Nymph, but has the more powerful 180 hp Lycoming engine.