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N.Stroud - Messerschpitts at five o'clock!
What’s wrong with this picture? What appears at first glance to be a classic Schwarm of German fighters turns out on closer inspection to be a formation of Spitfire XVIs in Luftwaffe markings. British photographer Charles E. Brown took this characteristically superb photograph of the formation in transit to the RAF Display at Farnborough from Handley Page Hastings TG568 on July 8, 1950.
Another of the superb series of photographs taken by renowned aviation photographer Charles E. Brown from Hastings TG568 on July 8, 1950, of the specially-painted Spitfire XVIs of Nos 5 and 17 Sqns on their way to Farnborough. The Hastings also took part in the display, para-dropping guns to the “escapees”. Both Nos 5 and 17 Sqns operated over the firing ranges of Wales and South-west England on anti-aircraft co-operation duties from Chivenor during 1949-51.
В праздновании очередной годовщины "Битвы за Англию" "Спитфайры" Mk.XVI с обрезанными крыльями порой изображали "мессершмитты"
A poor-quality but rare photograph of five of the Spitfire XVIs in transit to Farnborough. The square-tipped wings of the Mk XVI, as on the Luftwaffe’s Bf 109 and Fw 190, lent further verisimilitude to the occasion.
The “Messerschpitts” smartly lined up - note the precise positioning or “dressing” of the propellers - in standard RAF camouflage with German markings during the weekend of the show.
This photograph depicts a Spitfire of No 17 Squadron, BAF, taken in 1950. The aircraft was painted to represent a Messerschmitt Bf 109 for the 1950 BAF Display, to act as fighter defence in the mock attack on "Amiens Prison.”