Air International 1986-03
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An early series An-2TD operated by the DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force and Navy) for the training of parachutists (circa 1956) at Tushino.
An An-2 of the Korean People's Army Air Force apparently employed for nocturnal penetration of South Korean airspace (agent transportation) in 1984. Note overall black finish with black background to national markings.
An An-2 apparently belonging to Aeroflot's Arctic Directorate (although lacking the normal Aeroflot logo on the fuselage) fitted with the interchangeable ski undercarriage.
An An-2V used by the air element of the Polish Navy, the Morskie Lotnictwo Wojskowe, for coastal patrol tasks in the Baltic. Several civil and military floatplane versions of the An-2 have been developed.
The An-3 is essentially a turboprop conversion of the An-2 embodying modernised systems, and An-2s are reportedly being converted to An-3 standard at a plant in Kiev, some fuselage components being produced in Poland by WSK-PZL Mielec.
An An-2M operated in the agricultural and utility roles by Aeroflot. The An-2M (which differed externally primarily in its more angular vertical tail) was built in comparatively small numbers.