Air International 1986-08
??? - Yakovlev Forger /На вооружении советской авиации/ (13)
The Yak-38 Forger features a comparatively long and relatively slim fuselage as may be seen here.
A trio of Yak-38s aboard a Kiev-class anti-submarine carrier, a cannon pod being seen on the outboard starboard pylon of the aircraft in the foreground.
A Yak-38 approaching its carrier with lift engine intake doors open. The Yak-38 does not appear to possess a serious air defence role, lacking a nose radar, although it is presumably intended for use against shadowing maritime reconnaissance aircraft.
Yakovlev Yak-38 Forger-A
Двухместный Як-38МУ
The tandem two-seat Forger-B conversion training version with elongated nose, two examples of which are deployed aboard each carrier.