Air International 1986-08
Making its debut beyond WarPac borders for the first time during 1-4 July 1986 when a six-aircraft VVS detachment paid a courtesy visit to Rissala AB, Finland, the MiG-29 Fulcrum has now attained operational capability with several VVS regiments - the detachment visiting Finland was from a regiment based at Kubinka. Powered by two Tumansky R-33D turbofans each possessing a reheat rating of 18,300 lb (8 300 kg), the MiG-29 has long-range track-while-scan radar and a pulse-Doppler lookdown/shootdown weapon system.
Flight testing of the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 turboshaft began at Filton, Bristol, on 14 June 1986, with a pair of these engines installed in a Sikorsky S-70C (G-RRTM).
A C-130H Hercules of the Force Aerienne Beige/Belgische Luchtmacht engaged in the humanitarian missions in Africa. Belgian C-130Hs have flown missions in Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and the Sudan, and have also performed humanitarian tasks in Colombia and Mexico.
Subject of “Forty Years On", the Spitfire PR Mk XI PL983 was sponsored by Britannia Airways to compete this year in the Digital Schneider Trophy air race over the Solent. Owned by Roland Fraissinet, it was flown by Mike Searle, seen here in the cockpit with Philip Tillyard, managing director of Trent Aero Engineering, which maintains the aircraft at Castle Donnington.
The first Brazilian prototype of the Aeritalia/Aermacchi/Embraer AMX light fighter.
The first "half-scale" replica of a Hawker Sea Fury to WAR plans was completed at Andover, Hants, earlier this year, and flew for the first time at Thruxton on 24 February 1986. Registered G-BLTG, it is marked as WJ237 when serving aboard HMS Ocean, on which its owner/builder Peter Pykett also served.
Bristol 172; Bristol 174