Air International 1986-11
??? - Mikoyan Fulcrum /На вооружении советской авиации/ (15)
Four of the MiG-29s, Nos 02, 03, 07 and 08 flown by Lt Col V Iachin and Majors V Solovyev, V Kravets and A Arastov, photographed during their formation aerobatic demonstration at the Rissala Air Base
The very deep profile of the MiG-29, with its considerable amount of wetted area in consequence, and the limited clearance between the runway and engine air intakes are clearly seen in this photograph of No 12 streaming its braking chute
MiG-29 No 12 which was used by Maj V Chilin for solo demonstrations. The MiG-29s displayed superior manoeuvrability to that of the MiG-21bis and were noticeably quieter.
MiG-29 No 08. The short wheelbase is also noteworthy and the positioning of the nosewheels would undoubtedly create FOD problems but for the intake ramp doors.
MiG-29 No 01 taxying
MiG-29 No 03 immediately after landing with the lengthwise rows of auxiliary air inlets open and the main intake ramps closed. This photograph illustrates clearly how close the aircraft is the ground, suggesting that some care is needed at rotation and touchdown.
Col V V Longinenko, commander of the MiG-29 detachment that visited the Rissala Air Base, answering a welcoming address after arriving from Kubinka. Note the large IR search and track sensor offset to starboard ahead of the cockpit of the aircraft in the background.
The MiG-29 counterair fighter which first achieved operational status during 1985.