Air International 1986-11
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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-21 OY-KGD Ubbe Viking, c/n 47302, is one of only 10 of this short-body, long-wing variant produced for SAS, and in service since 1970.
DC-9-32 EC-BIN Palma de Mallorca, c/n 47089, in the current livery of Spain's airline Iberia. The -32 is a Series 30 variant with a 108,000 lb (48 988 kg) max take-off weight.
The McDonnell Douglas C-9B Skytrain II is a version of the DC-9-32CF convertible freighter (note forward cargo door) operated by the US Navy and US Marine Corps. Bu No 159119 (c/n 47578) is one of 14 acquired.
The Kuwait Air Force is another of the relatively small number of military users of the DC-9, having acquired a pair of DC-9-32CF convertible freighters (c/n 47690/91).
JA8426 (c/n 47606) is one of 19 DC-9-41s operated by Toa Domestic Airlines - the only airline to follow SAS in buying this short-range, extended-fuselage version of the Srs 30.
DC-9-51 9G-ACM (c/n 47755), in service with Ghana Airways. The Srs 50, longer than the Srs 40, is the last DC-9 variant to retain the original "Douglas Commercial" designation.
N924PS (c/n 48034) was among the first of the DC-9 Super 80s delivered, in 1980, to Pacific Southwest. This, the longest DC-9 derivative to date, is now known as the MD-80, this particular aircraft being an MD-81.