Aeroplane Monthly 1987-09
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Per Mare Probare (6)
Fairey IIIF Mk IIIB S1525 of 202 Sqn pictured at Kalafrana, Malta in the early Thirties. No 202 Squadron received its IIIFs in July 1930, retaining them until August 1935. The chap being carried ashore may be 202 Squadron's CO, Sqn Ldr Archie Wann
Three views of the Napier Lion-powered Fairey IIIF Mk IIIM S1336. A total of 114 all-metal Mk IIIMs was built.
Two views of the Fairey IIIF landplane S1504 during ditching trials in Harwich Harbour. Note the effect the lifting-chain had on the cowling.
Fairey IIIF Mk IIIM S1316 encountered control difficulties whilst carrying out aft-c.g. spinning trials in May 1931. The crew parachuted to safety but the seaplane was badly damaged.