Aeroplane Monthly 1987-09
S.Smith - Emily
A rarely-photographed detail of the “Emily" is the beam gun hatch and blister fairing, with its swivelling gun mount.
The flight-deck glazing is clearly shown here
With a wingspan of 124ft 8in, a length of 92ft 4in and a height of 30ft, the “Emily’’ makes an impressive outdoor exhibit on the plaza in front of Tokyo’s Museum of Maritime Science. The type had a maximum take-off weight of 71,650 lb, and was powered by four 1,850 h.p. Mitsubishi Kasei 22 radials equipped with water-injection.
The flight-deck glazing is clearly shown here
The ventral hatch and side windows just forward of the tailplane.
Further detail shots show the extreme nose and tail of T-31. Both ends of the H8K2 carried a 20mm cannon which, together with the cannon and machine-guns bristling from many other points on the airframe, made the “Emily" one of the most difficult Japanese aircraft to shoot down.