Flight 1937-02
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SUPPLIED TO IRAQ - Part of the first formation of Pegasus-engined Hawker "Audax" leaving Brooklands.
One of the fleet of de Havilland Express Air Liners, which have regularly served, throughout the post two years, the 4,350-mile Singapore-Brisbane section of the main Imperial route to Australia, which is operated twice weekly in each direction by Qantas Empire Airway's. On a recent reckoning this fleet had completed 1,277.000 miles without a single forced landing.
THE DE HAVILLAND EXPRESS AIR LINER IMPROVED 1937 MODEL. A fast, safe and reliable aircraft for day and night public transport services which demand four-engined security and which must be operated on economic lines.
De Havilland Dragonfly. Cabin Aircraft for 5 persons and luggage. Two Gipsy Major 130 h.p. engines.
A "Bucker-Jungmeister" plane equipped with an Sh 14A4 Aero-Engine being transported by Zeppelin to America. There the Sh 14A4 achieved further successes.
The V.E.F. J-11 Latvia
Another long delivery flight PORTSMOUTH - HONG KONG emphasizes the reliability of the ENVOY. In fourteen days - during several of which no flying was possible owing to waterlogged aerodromes and bad weather - a Series III Cheetah IX Envoy has completed a delivery flight to Hong Kong. It was fully loaded to 6400 lb. and had a range of 1000 miles. This again proves the unfailing reliability of the Cheetah IX Envoy III.