Air International 2016-04
F-16C 90-0759/LF fires a 2.75in Mk66 rocket over the Goldwater range.
F-16s simultaneously jettison flares as they break away from the lead ship
An airman from the 944th Fighter Wing salutes the pilot after completing a hot breaks check of the aircraft.
Colonel Gallegos, Commander of the 944th Fighter Wing prepares to launch for an afternoon sortie.
F-16D 89-2158/LF banks over the Arizona desert en route to the range
F-16D 89-2158/LF in full afterburner launching from Luke’s runway 21R.
View from the backseat, as the aircraft rolls onto a target for a strafe attack using its six-barrel 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon.
The MAESAL’s combat aircraft shop undertakes maintenance on the Hornet fleet, such as this Ala 15 example pictured landing at Albacete in December 2015.
The MAESAL's combat aircraft repair shop, Taller de Aviones de Combate, has amassed great knowhow in the overhaul of the Spanish Hornet fleet.
Bombardier CL-415 UD14-04/43-34 returned to military service with the Ejercito del Aire’s 43 Grupo last year. In the background are the retired Mirage F1Ms that are stored on the MAESAL apron waiting a decision on their future.
Embraer E175 SP-LIE (c/n 17000153) is one of 12 E175s in LOT’s fleet. The aircraft was repainted as a retrojet in 2014 and now wears the livery the LOT fleet wore from 1945 to 1973.
The Embraer E-Jet forms the backbone of LOT’S short and medium haul fleet. Here E170 SP-LDE (c/n 17000029) departs Warsaw.
Two 142 Escuadron Typhoons (or C16 Tifon to give them their Spanish designation) depart­ing for an exercise with EF-18s. This year Ala 14 will see the arrival of new C16s, allowing reactivation of the Ala 14’s 141 Escuadron.
Four Ala 14 Eurofighters deployed to Siauliai in Lithuania in January 2016 for the Baltic Air Policing mission. Here one of the aircraft undergoes final preparations for the four-hour flight to the Baltic.
ZG821/G over Lake Wimbleball in Exmoor on March 11, 2015.
Sea King HC4s were regularly painted in a snow colour scheme for operations from Bardufoss in Norway.
Royal Marines practise fast roping from Sea King HC4s at Royal Naval Aviation Squadron Yeovilton ahead of the annual air day in 2012.
During its 35-year service career Sea King HC4 ZA298/Y has been shot up so badly on three occasions its reckoned to have been shot down three times.
ZE427/K fitted with a Wescam MX-15 multi-spectral imaging system turret. The MX-15 was used to good effect by the Sea King HC4 crews in Afghanistan.
ZE427/K on Dartmoor.
Landing on to collect troops in Afghanistan.
ZA295/Y at Oakhampton during drills with the Royal Marines.
Sea King HC4s arrive on HMS Illustrious to participate in Exercise Cold Response 2012.
Sea King HC4s depart HMS Illustrious.
ZA298/Y at Woodbury Common on Exmoor.
ZF116A/VP in the hover over a small lake on Dartmoor.
A Sea King HC4 per­forms a load lifting exercise as part of arctic flying training while operating from the Joint Helicopter Command base called Clockwork at Bardufoss, Norway.
ZF117/X at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre at Lympstone.
Icelandair is introducing two Boeing 767-300s to provide extra capacity. One of these aircraft, TF-ISO (c/n 29388, previously EI-UNC), is seen here following repainting by Air Livery at Manchester last year.
LOT operates a fleet of six Boeing 787-8s, including SP-LRC (c/n 35940) seen on finals at the air­line's Warsaw hub.
Six 787-8s are used by LOT, including SP-LRB (c/n 37894). Two more are due for delivery, but handover of the seventh example has been delayed to 2017.
One of the European Commission’s restrictions against LOT was that it was not allowed to open new routes. That has now lifted but there remains uncertainty around the airline’s growth plans. Here 787-8 SP-LRD (c/n 35941) is photographed at Warsaw.
Celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, Scoot unveiled a special livery on its fifth 787-9, 9V-OJE (c/n 37116), with 20 Singaporean brands and icons.
Scoot’s first Boeing 787-9 9V-OJA (c/n 37112) following delivery from Seat­tle’s Everett factory.
Scoot Chief Executive Officer, Campbell Wilson.
The old and new generations of French military air transport in the Indian Ocean, with ET 0/50's last C-160 and first CN235-300 seen in the same shot taken in summer 2015.
The C-160’s days serving with ET 0/50 ended last year. There are many differences between the Transall and the CASA, but French crews say that doesn't mean the CN235 is not an effective platform.
The old and new generations of French military air transport in the Indian Ocean, with ET 0/50's last C-160 and first CN235-300 seen in the same shot taken in summer 2015.
A CN-235-300 gets towed back to its parking place on the DA181 apron. The CASA’s arrival last year led to several infrastructure changes at Reunion and at bases in the Scattered Islands.
Parachutists from the 2nd RPIMa and the 13th RDP board a CN235 for a drop over Samwest during an exercise.
The view from the cockpit of the CASA during a training sortie. CN235s based at Reunion searched for possible wreckage from flight MH370 during August 2015.
The survival kit dropped from the CN235-300 to people in the water on maritime search and rescue missions.
For para-dropping missions, the CN235-300’s seats in the hold are removed. At the moment, the aircraft is not certified for para-dropping or releasing pallets from the rear cargo ramp.
The Armee de I’Air regards the A400M aircraft as an expeditionary asset, able to deliver cargo and troops in a matter of days, which will have an impact on operations in Reunion.
An A400M crew perform post-flight checks in the cockpit during the type's visit to Reunion last year.
In mid-2016 the MAESAL will deliver to Ala 23 at Talavera the final F-5M to have undergone a complete structural overhaul at its facilities. A civilian contractor will upgrade the last aircraft.
Boeing 757-236 TF-FIU (c/n 26243) is one of 26 757s used by Icelandair. With its distinctive paint scheme depicting the Northern Lights, this aircraft has become a flagship for the airline in its role offering connections between Europe and North America via Iceland.
The Section Aerienne Gendarmerie EC145 departs on a sortie to one of the many mountainous areas of Reunion Island.
Aircraft serial E25-67 is the prototype for the avionics and cockpit modernisation of the Ejercito del Aire’s C-101 trainers. It is seen here during the installation and integration of the new equipment at the end of 2015; the first flight is scheduled for later this year.
The CASA C-101 fleet is undergoing structural and cockpit upgrades at MAESAL to extend its operational life.
Bombardier CL-415 UD14-04/43-34 returned to military service with the Ejercito del Aire’s 43 Grupo last year. In the background are the retired Mirage F1Ms that are stored on the MAESAL apron waiting a decision on their future.
G500 test aircraft T1 during its second flight on May 20, 2015.
T2 undergoing cold soak at the McKinley Cli­matic Laboratory.
Gulfstream’s iron bird is operated by the company’s advanced aircraft programmes division at its Savannah facility in Georgia.
Test aircraft T2 on its maiden flight from Savannah Hilton-Head Airport on November 20, 2015.
On November 20, 2015 Gulfstream completed the maiden flights of G500 test aircraft T2 and T3.
G500 test aircraft T1 undergoes landing gear checks during its second flight on May 20, 2015.
In January Gulfstream used the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida to conduct climatic trials with G500 test aircraft T2. The aircraft is seen beneath an array of lamps used in part to generate high temperatures.
The flight deck of Gulfstream’s G500/G600 iron bird.
LOT has long wanted to replace its three ageing Boeing 737-400s, including SP-LLE (c/n 27914). The airline needs Airbus A320 or 737-sized aircraft to transfer passengers between key markets and its Warsaw hub.
Air France operated 747s for 46 years. Here 747-400 F-GEXB (c/n 24155) is pictured at Montreal in 2012. The airline’s last Jumbo, F-GITJ (c/n 32871), was phased out in January 2016, continuing an ongoing trend for 747-400s to be retired.
Analysts say that for British Airways continuing to operate 747s from ist busy Heathrow hub makes sense, because of capital expenditure savings the carrier gets from operating them rather than buying new aircraft.
The British Airways Super High-J cabin configuration for its Jumbo fleet involves adding 16 more seats in business class.
Marines hook up a hose for a power cart before a weapons functional test during Exercise Steel Knight at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California.
An F-35B Lightning II assigned to VMFA-121 conducts a vertical landing at Red Beach on December 10, 2015.
An F-35B Lightning II performs a conventional take-off at the Strategic Expeditionary Landing Field at Twentynine Palms SELF on December 11,2015.
An avionics technician assigned to VMFA-121 performs a weapons functional test on an F-35B Lightning II at Twentynine Palms.
Boeing 737 MAX 8s and MAX 9s will arrive into the Icelandair fleet from 2018. The airline plans to use them to supplement its 757s.
Выкатка первого экземпляра лайнера "Эмбраер" E190-E2
The 73-inch (1,854 mm) fan diameter on the E190-E2’s Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1900G engines compared to the General Electric CF34s on the first-generation E-Jets is apparent here.
The E190-E2 rolling out from Embraer’s Sao Jose dos Campos facility. The aircraft is due to fly in the second half of this year.