Air Pictorial 1991-10
R.Macintyre - A South Pacific Symbiosis
The winged spear of No 2 Squadron, RNZAF, is the only distinguishing mark from Skyhawks of NZ's No 75 Squadron. Aircraft are rotated to New Zealand for major maintenance.
RNZAF Skyhawk 05 waits for Australian weather clearance. Note the refuelling probe. RNZAF A-4K aircraft regularly use buddy pack refuelling.
Two large displays and the head-up display dominate the cockpit after the "Kahu" avionics upgrade. All 21 of the RNZAF Skyhawks have been upgraded at a cost of NZS140 million.
Sea Vixen G-VIXN with folded wings.
A Percival Pembroke C1 (near camera) and pair of Percival Sea Prince T1s.
Fully combat capable TA4-K firing an air-to-surface TV-guided Maverick missile on the Waiouru Test Range in New Zealand, with Mount Ruapehu in the background.
A PG-66 multi-mode radar scanner occupies the "sharp-end" of the Skyhawks.