Ильюшин Ил-76МФ
Ильюшин - Ил-76МФ - 1995 - Россия
Страна: Россия
Год: 1995

Единственный экземпляр
Ил-76МФ: глубоко модернизированный вариант самолета с новыми двигателями ПС-90А, с максимальной взлетной массой 210000 кг, максимальной массой полезной нагрузки 52000 кг и максимальной дальностью полета с максимальной нагрузкой 5200 км
Модернизированный ВТС Ил-76МФ получил новые двигатели ПС-90А и отличается удлиненным фюзеляжем и новейшей авионикой.
Ilyushin Il-76MF, with cargo hold lengthened by 6.6 m (21 ft 8 in) (1999)
Ил-76МФ Королевских Воздушных сил Иордании производит посадку в аэропорту Перт. 27 октября 2012 г.
Noted on approach to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport on October 16, 2011 was Ilyushin Il-76MF Candid JY-JID (c/n 203423808/96-02, ex 76954) of Jordanian International Air Cargo based at Amman. The aircraft was built by the Tashkent Aircraft Production Corp and made its first flight from Tashkent-Vostochny on September 30, 2010. It was tested at Zhukovsky from October 29, 2010, before delivery on June 30. A second example for the airline (JY-JIC c/n 1063421724/94-01, ex 76953) flew on May 12 and was handed over on June 29. Both were ordered by the Jordanian Government on August 17, 2005, and it was thought they were due to be operated by the Jordanian Air Force. However, they entered service with Jordanian International Air Cargo, although they are available for military requirements.
Royal Jordanian Air Force Il-76MF serial number 361 seen arriving at Stansted Airport from Amman on January 21, 2016. This IL-76MF is a stretched version operated under the guise of Jordan International Air Cargo. It wears two separate registrations; its military identity, 361, worn on the fuselage and its civilian identity, JY-JID, still visible on the wings. The aircraft made a second visit to Stansted in mid February. The reason for the visits is unknown.
Первый экземпляр Ил-76МФ