Hafner Rotabuggy
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1943
Автожир Планер
Единственный экземпляр
Винтокрылы Хафнера
   Другой разработкой стал летательный аппарат Rotabuggy - военный "джип", на который мог устанавливаться несущий винт. Данный аппарат мог бы самостоятельно пересекать линию фронта, попадая в тыл противника. Опытный образец испытывался в течение 1943-1944 годов, но на вооружение не поступил. После войны опыт Рауля Хафнера был использован компаниями "Bristol" и "Westland".
Прототип Rotabuggy интенсивно испытывался в 1943-1944 годах, но на вооружение не поступил. Реплика его, построенная в 1980-х годах, сегодня находится в Музее армейской авиации Великобритании.
The Rotabuggy in its original form with small fins.
The Rotabuggy’s unpowered, windmilling rotor had a diameter of 46ft 8in. It was spun-up for take-off by means of a cable wound round the hub.
The sole prototype of the Hafner Rotabuggy in flight (on tow) at Sherburn-in-Elmet. Identified as Experimental Aeroplane 207 in A.P.1480X, this may have been the vehicle for which the serial number RD123 was intended.
Four views of the Rotabuggy in towed flight.
The ... er ... aircraft sporting enlarged fins to counteract yawing instability.
The tail surfaces in their final configuration with larger, more angular fins.
After initial towing trials behind a 4 1/2-litre Bentley, an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber took over as the tug. A full-size reproduction of the Rotabuggy, made by the Wessex Aviation Society, may be seen in the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop.
Groundcrew attend to the rotor during the testing programme. The Rotabuggy’s regular pilot, Sqn Ldr I.M.D. Little, is standing fourth from left with his back to the camera.
The Wessex Aviation Society's Rotabuggy reproduction.
Guaranteed to impress a jeep driver's girlfriend, the Rotabuggy 's "cockpit" contained both Jeep and aircraft controls and instruments.
A diagrammatic drawing of the rotor installation with "hanging" control column and auxillary "fuselage" structure.
Hafner Rotabuggy
Hafner proposal for rotor-equipped Valentine tank