Vought V-173
Vought - V-173 - 1942 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1942

Vought XF5U «Flying Pancake»

   Первый полет полноразмерный прототип с силовой установкой меньшей мощности V-173 выполнил 23 ноября 1942 года. Настоящий прототип XF5U-1 был собран и подготовлен для летных испытаний в сухом озере Мюрок, однако не выполнил ни единого полета.
V-173 перед первым полетом
Chance Vought V-173 low-powered full-scale test version of the XF5U-1, a unique experimental heavy fighter of 1946.
Циммерман провожает Гайтона в первый полет V-173
Самолет V-173 в полете
The Vought V-173, which was originally projected with a prone pilot position, but had a conventional pilot's position as built.
Аэродинамический прототип V-173 с силовой установкой малой мощности полностью подтвердил расчеты конструкторов «Vought», проведенные для истребителя XF5U-1.
Vought's V-173 was dubbed the 'flying pancake' the instant it was glimpsed by the press. The brainchild of former NACA aerodynamicist, Charles H. Zimmerman, this one-off prototype was built to flight test the potential of a low aspect ratio, or low span to chord wing, fully immersed in propeller wash. Zimmerman, incidentally, had already proved much of his concept with a series of small flying scale models. Following it first flight on 23 November 1942, with Vought's Chief of Flight Test, Boone T Guyton at the controls, the V-173 went on to amass over 131 hours aloft. A spectacularly short take-off performer, the V-173 'unstuck' after a mere 200 feet, climbing away at a steep angle. Flying into a headwind of 29mph, the V-173 would rise vertically away from the ground. The V-173's landing roll was equally dramatic, frequently taking as little as 50 feet to come to rest from touch down. Powered by two 80hp Continental A-80s, what must have caused those flying the machine some concern was what would happen in the case of an engine failure, as the V-173's engines were not cross-shafted to maintain some power to both propellers.
The Chance Vought V-173, a low-powered full-scale test model of the XF5U-1 Experimental Fighter, which flew in 1942.
Paving the way for the unflown XF5U-1 fighter, Vought’s V-173 “flying pancake” was their most unconventional design.
Авария V-173. 3 июня 1943 г.
Летающая модель V-162 с электрическим двигателем
Продувочная модель самолета V-173 в аэродинамической трубе NACA