White & Thompson NT.2     1915
Norman Thompson NT.2B     1918
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1915
Летающая лодка

The final No 3, 3808, displaying a single set of king-posts and the prominent struts between the engine mountings and hull.
No 3 flying-boats under construction at Norman Thompson’s Bognor premises, late 1914.
NT.2B N2569, powered by a 200hp Hispano-Suiza.
S E Saunders produced 24 Norman Thompson NT.2Bs.
N2575 buffeting across the water, revealing the faired kingposts as used on earlier Norman Thompson designs.
Летающая лодка "Норманн-Томпсон NT-2B" из состава морской эскадры ВВС Эстонии
Эстонские гидропланы - единственный "Хальберштадт C.V" и "Норман-Томпсон NT-2B" у ангара Минной гавани Таллинна
THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, AIRCRAFT SECTION: The Norman Thompson flying boat in its element