Air Enthusiast 1996-11
P.London - Bognor's 'boats
The final No 3, 3808, displaying a single set of king-posts and the prominent struts between the engine mountings and hull.
No 3 flying-boats under construction at Norman Thompson’s Bognor premises, late 1914.
NT.2B N2569, powered by a 200hp Hispano-Suiza.
N2575 buffeting across the water, revealing the faired kingposts as used on earlier Norman Thompson designs.
FBA Type B N1052 (130hp Clerget) was erected by Norman Thompson and delivered to Calshot in April 1917.
‘Bognor Bloater’ 1175 at its namesake. This machine operated with the Eastbourne Flying School.
White and Thompson-built ‘Circuit of Britain ’ aircraft No 6 (later given serial number 882), in the summer of 1914.
Norman Thompson pictured beside his first successful aircraft, just prior to its first flight, January 1913.
‘Circuit of Britain’ aircraft No 9 in the summer of 1914. Although allocated the serial number 883, it was not delivered.
NT.4 8343 employed the early, limited, cockpit glazing; a boat-like hull and broad-chord ailerons. At the Killingholme Seaplane School, 1917.
The final form of glazing adopted by the NT.4A. The hull form was at least streamlined!
N.2C N82 was the only example to be completed.
150hp Hispano-Suiza NT.4 with improved glazing.
NT.4A cockpit interior.
The sole N.1B tandem fighter flying-boat N37. The classic Norman Thompson long-chord fin and rudder having been set aside.