Air Enthusiast 1996-11
J.Godwin - On Your Marks!
Early use of IFR - I Follow Railways! Grahame-White pictured during his second attempt.
Paulhan in his Farman.
Huge crowds greeted Paulhan at Didsbury.
Grahame-White’s Farman following assembly, ready for the London-to-Manchester attempt, April 1910.
Grahame-White prepares to make his second attempt on the ‘Daily Mail’ prize; Wormwood Scrubs, April 27, 1910.
Grahame-White flying through the Trent Valley.
Graham-White signing autographs at Rugby.
Paulhan’s machine at Lichfield.
Claude Graham-White.
The upturned Farman at Hademore Crossing, near Lichfield. The end of Grahame-White’s first attempt.