Morane-Saulnier MS.129 / MS.130
Morane-Saulnier - MS.129 / MS.130 - 1925 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1925

Morane-Saulnier MS.129 и MS.130
Flight, December 1926
The Paris Aero Show 1926

Morane-Saulnier MS.129 и MS.130

Самолет MS.129, появившийся в 1925, и самолет MS.130, взлетевший годом позже, имели много общих новых элементов конструкции, и оба были созданы на базе более раннего учебного MS.53. Была построена лишь небольшая партия MS.129, часть из которой была поставлена Румынии, а часть продана частным владельцам. Выпуск удачного MS.130 составил 145 машин.
  Оба самолета получили новое "самостабилизирующееся" крыло с небольшой стреловидностью по передней кромке. MS.129 был оснащен рядным ПД Hispano-Suiza 8Ab мощностью 180 л.с. (134 кВт), а на MS.130 стоял незакапотированный 230-сильный (172 кВт) радиальный Salmson 9Ab.
  Большая часть MS.130 была куплена французскими ВМС, и они использовались в учебных центрах морской авиации в 1927-1935 годах. Частные владельцы и аэроклубы приобрели 26 машин, а остальные самолеты пошли на экспорт: 15 в Бразилию, два в Бельгию, а также в Гватемалу, Китай, Португалию и Турцию. Французские ВВС закупили лишь маленькую партию этих самолетов.
  Второй прототип MS.130 в результате доработки в 1929 году получил шасси новой конструкции (позднее использовавшееся на MS.230) и принял участие в гонках на кубок Мишлен.
  Два MS.130 позднее были переделаны в MS.230.


  MS.131:один MS.130, переделанный под двигатель Lorraine мощностью 230 л.с. (172 кВт); использовался американским военным атташе в Париже
  MS.132: вариант со 120-сильным (89 кВт) радиальным ПД Salmson 7Ac
  MS.133: четыре переделанных самолета, один из MS.130 и три из MS.129; наиболее мощный вариант с 270-сильным (201 кВт) радиальным ПД Gnome-Rhone 5Kc
  MS.134: MS.130, переделанный под установку ротативного ПД Clerget 9B мощностью 80 л. с. (60 кВт)
  MS.136: MS.130, переделанный под установку радиального ПД Salmson 9Ac мощностью 120 л.с. (89 кВт)

Flight, December 1926

The Paris Aero Show 1926


  THIS veteran firm of aircraft builders, which originated the parasol monoplane type - a type that enjoys today great popularity among French constructors, as will be seen from the exhibits of the Salon - will exhibit three machines.
  The first of these is the Morane-Saulnier type 35 E.P.2 elementary training aeroplane, with 80 h.p. Le Rhone engine (the letters E.P. stand for ecole primaire); the second is a type 129 E.T.2 (180 h.p. Hispano-Suiza) advanced training aeroplane (the letters E.T. meaning ecole de transition); the third machine is the type 132, with 120 h.p. Salmson aircooled engine, which is mainly intended for touring purposes, but may also be used for training work.

Morane-Saulnier Type 129 E.T.2 Aeroplane

  The Morane-Saulnier type 129 E.T.2 advanced training aeroplane is a strut-braced parasol monoplane which incorporates a particularly complete system of safety features, among which may be mentioned a droppable petrol tank, fire extinguishers, back or seat type parachutes and a self-starter. Special attention has been paid, furthermore, to making the pupil feel comfortable on board ; for the purpose the seats are adjustable in height and the rudder bar may be adjusted for distance from the seat.
  Constructionally the 129 E.T.2 follows the practice of the 35 E.P.2, that is, the machine is timber-built throughout except for the wing spars which are duraluminium tubes, and the undercarriage struts which are steel tubes. The engine unit, which is mounted on duralumin tubes, is detachable by undoing a few bolts.
  The vast experience which the Morane-Saulnier firm has accumulated in the long years its training school has been in existence at Villacoublay may be said to have taken body in the type 129 E.T.2, a machine so proportioned as to let the pupil do all the mistakes he can so he may realize their gravity, but with a sufficient tendency to inherent stability so the machine will "forgive the mistake."

Morane-Saulnier Type 132 Touring Aeroplane.

  This machine is essentially an adaptation of the above described advanced training aeroplane to the requirements of grand tourisme, or distant touring. Both machines are constructionally identical, and have the same wing area (19-7 sq. m.), but the touring type is equipped with a 120 h.p. Salmson air-cooled radial engine instead of with a 180 h.p. Hispano-Suiza.
  The type 132 incorporates all the safety features and practical points which have been noted above in connection with the advanced training type of aeroplane.

  Specifications of Morane-Saulnier Aeroplanes.
  Type 129 E.T.2. 132
  Engine 180 h.p. Hispano. 120 h.p. Salmson.
  Span 10-70 m. 10-70 m.
  Length 7-04 m. 6-86 m.
  Height 2-71 m. 2-72 m.
  Wing chord 2-00 m. 2-00 m.
  Wing area 19-7 sq. m. 19-7 sq.m.
  Weight empty 740 kg. 655 kg.
  Weight loaded 1,045 kg. 930 kg.

  The type 129 E.T. 2 can be said to represent the accumulated experience of the firm as far as school machines are concerned, the letters E.T. representing the words Ecole de Transition, the type being intended for intermediate school work, forming a stepping stone between the E.P. (Ecole Primaire) type and the more powerful machines. The third machine shown type 132 is intended mainly for touring, but can also be used as a school machine. As is usual with Morane-Saulnier aeroplanes, the workmanship and finish are excellent. Of special constructional features there are few which are not well known, but the rather neat arrangement of the shock absorbers inside the fuselage leg is worthy of mention, and is illustrated by a sketch.
THE MORANE-SAULNIER 129 E.T.2, with 180 Hispano, is an advance training aeroplane.
The Baron with his Morane 130. (Salmson 230 h.p. engine.)
MS.130 при размахе крыла 10,70 м и максимальной взлетной массе 1149 кг мог развивать скорость до 208 км/ч.
The Morane M.S.130Et2 of Salis Aviation, based at La Ferte Alais.
The Morane-Saulnier (exhibit consisted of three parasol monoplanes, of which the type 132, with 120 h.p. Salmson, is shown in the foreground.
THE MORANE-SAULNIER 132, with 120 h.p. Salmson, is designed as a touring machine.
Португалия получила все четыре построенных для нее самолета варианта MS 133 в 1931 году. На снимке вторая из поставленных машин.
A NEW YEAR GREETING FROM SWITZERLAND: These photographs have been sent to FLIGHT by Major Nabholz de Grabow, Switzerland's veteran private owner, who, in spite of his 59 years, is never happier than when he is flying his Morane-Saulnier parasol monoplane. The photograph on the left shows the Major and his daughter on the return from a flight, while on the right is an aerial view of Mount Pilatus.
The Morane-Saulnier monoplanes have their shock-absorbing gear enclosed in the undercarriage legs.