Aero A.23 / A.38
Страна: Чехословакия
Год: 1926

Flight, October 1928
Berlin Aero Show 1928

Flight, October 1928

Berlin Aero Show 1928

The Aero A.23

  This machine, which was also exhibited at the Paris Show held in the summer, is of a type used on the Czech State Airways, and is a normal single-engined biplane, largely of wood construction. The engine is a Walter "Jupiter," and the cabin has seats for six passengers, while the cockpit, placed aft of the cabin, has two seats for pilot and navigator, or two pilots. The machine is not unlike the D.H.61 in a general way, but the lines are not very pleasing, or possibly it may be the rather crude colour scheme chosen which spoils the appearance of the machine. The cabin appears very comfortable, and the machine is reported to have proved very reliable in service.
A Czech Commercial Machine: The Aero A.23.
IN THE GRAND PALAIS: View looking South. In the foreground the Aero cabin biplane, as used on Czechoslovak air lines. Beyond, the CAMS flying-boat. On the right, the tail of the twin-hull Savoia S.55.
The Aero A-38 followed the A-23 into CSA service in 1929. L-BACB was the first of its type.
The Aero A.38, one of the Czech-built aircraft used by C.L.S.
The Aero A-23 joined the CSA fleet in 1928. L-BAAA was the first, but does not seem to have survived as long as the other six, some of which were still soldiering on in 1937.