Altinger / Aerofibra / Aero Saladillo Lenticular / Bigua
Страна: Аргентина
Год: 1971

Single-seat training and competition sailplane
M.Hardy. Gliders & Sailplanes of the world

M.Hardy. Gliders & Sailplanes of the world

AS Lenticular 15 S

  This attractive Argentine single-seater Standard Class sailplane was designed by Ing Teodoro Altinger, the prototype flying for the first time on 5 August 1971; it took part successfully in the following year's national championships. Series production was commenced in 1974 by Aero Saladillo, which had been formed in 1973 to build aircraft of glassfibre-reinforced plastic construction at Saladillo in the province of Buenos Aires, and by February 1977, 12 of an initial order for 20 Lenticulars had been completed, but production has now been suspended. The type has an all-moving tailplane mounted on top of a distinctive swept-back fin and rudder, and the pilot is seated in line with the wing leading edge under a long transparent canopy giving excellent visibility. Construction is of glassfibre-reinforced plastic and glassfibre/balsa sandwich throughout and the wings, which have a Wortmann FX-63-168 section, have air brakes in the upper surfaces. The retractable monowheel has an internal brake and there is also a tailskid.

Data: Lenticular 15 S
Span: 49 ft 2 1/2 in
Length: 21 ft 4 in
Height: 4 ft 7 in
Wing area: 129.2 sqft
Aspect ratio: 18.75
Empty weight: 573 lb
Max weight: 904 lb
Max speed: 152 mph (in smooth air)
Max aero-tow speed: 99 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.30 ft/sec at 49 mph
Best glide ratio: 32:1 at 53 mph
Altinger (Aerofibra) Lenticular 15S single-seat Standard Class sailplane
AS Lenticular 15S.
Aero Saladillo Lenticular single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Aerofibra Yarara single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Aero Saladillo Bigua side-by-side two-seat training sailplane