Schleicher Rhonbussard
Страна: Германия
Год: 1933

A 1937 Rhonbussard, flown by Chris Wills from the 11,300ft Jungfraujoch.
COMING IN: Miss Meakin landing at Heston after her flight from Lympne.
"- SOMETHING DONE": Miss Joan Meakin in her "Rhonbussard" glider.
Mr. C. Nicholson piloting the "Rhon Buzzard" an efficient German-built sailplane.
ON SILENT WINGS: A striking picture of the "Golden Wren" sailplane and a Rhon "Buzzard" soaring over Bradwell Edge, Derbyshire, which is proving an increasingly popular centre with Midland and Northern gliding enthusiasts.