Aeroplane Monthly 1986-11
A.Welch - Vintage gliders galore
More conventional and elegant was Schleicher Rhonsperber BGA 260, seen with Manuel Condor BGA 2161 behind it.
An evocative vintage Slingsby line-up of two Kites and a Skylark.
Two Fauvel tailless gliders were the most unorthodox types at Lasham.
VGC president Chris Wills' 1934 Rhonbussard, first brought to England by Joan Meakin before World War Two.
The Slingsby T.31 has a new lease of life note that it has become vintage. Although its performance as a school glider was something of a joke, the care taken by new owners to remove old paint and improve the finish enables the T.31s to stay up much better.
Arsenal 4111 F-CAAH, designed in 1949, was one of the first gliders to be fitted with Fowler flaps.