Air International 2017-10
M.Broadbent - A New Era /Parapublic/
The helicopters operate in a range of environments and the S-92’s stability in rough conditions is praised.
One especially well-liked feature of the S-92 is the ability for the winch operator to control the hover and move the aircraft forwards or backwards and left or right.
Close co-operation with a range of organisations is vital to the service and training, as seen here in Scotland with a mountain rescue team, are regular events.
Bristow has invested ?7 million in each new base, such as this one pictured here at Caenarfon.
A customised stretcher stowage and plinth installation for casualties on the S-92 features a raised box on to which a stretcher is lifted to reduce the physical strain on rescue crews, and ensures the casualty is not too close to the floor.
Bristow operates search and rescue helicopters from ten bases around the UK for the 25-year UK SAR contract, with two helicopters at each base. The AW189s are currently operated from Prestwick and Lee-on-Solent.