Air International 2017-10
P.Butowski - Summer in Kubinka /Military/
The most spectacular event by Russian aerobatic teams is the dense launch of flares. This Su-30SM from the Russian Knights fires large 50mm flares during the show.
Douglas DC-3A s/n 10035, made in 1943, flew from the United States to Russia via Alaska and Siberia in 2015, and was sold to a Russian private owner. At Kubinka, the aircraft was piloted by Valentin Lavrentyev and Pyotr Deynekin, the first CinC of the post-Soviet Russian Air Force.
The only airworthy MiG-15UTI in Russia, RA-0488G, was originally made in Czechoslovakia in 1954. The aircraft was restored in 2011 and today anyone can fly in the jet for less than L3,000.
A new Russian escort jammer, the Il-22PP Porubshchik debuted over Kubinka on August 12, 2017. Aircraft RF-90786 is the first operational Il-22PP that has been officially handed over to the Russian Air Force after conversion on October 26, 2016. The Il-22PP features four large bulbous dielectric fairings on both sides of the fuselage, front and aft, an egg-shaped fairing in the aircraft’s tail, and a series of smaller aerials. Note the fixed pod with flare launchers beneath the fuselage. The aircraft’s livery resembles that of Aeroflot during the Soviet era.
A brake chute container installed beneath the aft fuselage of a MiG-29KR shipborne fighter replaces the type’s conventional arrestor hook when operating from a land base. The hook is reinstalled before deployment aboard the carrier.