Air International 2015-04
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A320-200 OO-SND (msn 1858) is painted in a ‘Diables Rouges' (Red Devils) scheme to honour the Belgian national football team.
Airbus A320-200 OO-SNB landing at Brussels International Airport on March 17, 2015.
On March 13, 2015, Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart unveiled A320-200 OO-SNB (msn 1493) with this striking livery inspired by the Belgian cartoon character Tintin. Both Belgian companies worked several months on the project, based on the original drawings by Herge. The livery features a 37m long black shark, based on Professor Calculus’ shark submarine from the Tintin adventure, Red Rackham’s treasure. The aircraft was baptized ‘Rackham’ and carries the legend ‘We fly you to the home of Tintin’ on the fuselage.
ECHO Flight's Dash 8s operate from austere landing strips in remote areas of East Africa.
One of the two ECHO Flight Dash 8 Series 102s (5Y-BTP) outside DAC Aviation's facility at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.
Avro RJ100 OO-DWL (c/n E3361), one of 12 left in Brussels Airlines service.
DAC Aviation began humanitarian aid support flights with a fleet of DHC-5 Buffalo aircraft, which remain in service.
A330-301 OO-SFC (msn 45), wearing its Red Devils scheme, taxies to the Brussels runway in June 2014 before departure to Sao Paulo. The Belgian football team was aboard for the flight to the World Cup finals.
Brussels Airlines operates to 17 destinations in 16 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Dakar in Senegal, where A330-322 OO-SFW (msn 82) is seen during turnaround.
The Red Devils scheme is also painted on Airbus A330-300 OO-SFO (msn 45).
Cessna Grand Caravan EXs are among aircraft used to transport personnel and supplies to remote areas.
Seen from this side profile, there is a row of vortex generators on the wing, just aft of the pneumatic de-icing boot.
To ensure the cockpit is as clutter-free as possible many of the switched are in a neat overhead panel.
The Aspen Avionics EFD-1000 ‘Evolution’ standby instrument is entirely self-contained and provides airspeed, altitude, attitude and navigation information.
The cabin has wide leather seats, individual air vents and reading lights. Four passengers can be accommodated in club-style seating, with the fifth in the co-pilot's seat.
The ‘LVL’ button on the instrument panel automatically engages the autopilot and returns the aircraft to straight and level flight.
The throttle incorporates a Take Off Go Around (TOGA) button. When pressed, it disengages the autopilot (the yaw damper remains engaged) and moves the flight director command bars to an 8 degrees nose up, wings level attitude.
The multi-function display shows a large amount of navigation and systems information, but surprisingly it doesn’t currently have an electronic checklist.
Brussels Airlines A319 OO-SSG (msn 1160) on final approach to Brussels International Airport: one of 18 in the carrier’s fleet.
Brussels Airlines no longer operates Boeing 737s in Europe, but 737-400 OO-LTM (c/n 25070), with winglets, is operated by its Korongo Airlines subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Wet-leased Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s are used on short-haul routes with lower traffic densities.