Air International 2015-04
G.Warner - Tonka /Military/ (2)
The 500 lb Paveway IV is the first air-to-surface weapon to have the guidance section and the fuse fully integrated, and the two communicate with each other throughout the flight to the target.
Tornado GR4 ZA469/‘029’ loaded with a UTC Aerospace Systems RAPTOR pod over Afghanistan during a mission from Kandahar in January 2014.
This shot shows both of the war fits used by the Tornado GR4s in Afghanistan (RAPTOR pod and Paveway IV, or two Paveway IVs and one launcher loaded with Brimstone missiles). Both configurations include a Litening III pod.
Tornado GR4s on the flight line at Nellis Air Force Base during exercise Red Flag 14-01, in which No.lX(B) Squadron participated.
A Tornado GR4 crew run through pre-flight checks before departing Kandahar Air Base for the last time in November 2014.
A Tornado GR4 with four fully-loaded Brimstone launchers takes off from runway 24 at RAF Marham.
RAF aircrew inspect Brimstone missiles loaded on a Tornado GR4 at Kandahar.
Tornado GR4 ZA461/‘026' takes off from Nellis Air Force Base on a Red Flag mission. The aircraft is loaded with one live Paveway IV bomb.