Air International 2014-10
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The mock-up of the Trekker at Heli-Expo in Anaheim was actually an AW 109 Power airframe fitted with skids.
The Da Vinci is a tailored version of the AW109SP Grand New equipped with single controls and an electronic flight information system.
The GrandNew is a follow-on from the popular AW109S Grand.
The large cabin in the GrandNew offers room for up to six passengers - or up to two stretchers plus medical attendants.
In two-pilot configuration, the Trekker’s Garmin 1000H avionics consist of two displays for the pilot in the right seat and one for the co-pilot.
An artist's impression of the Trekker in the air: the type combines the GrandNew's stretched fuselage with skids.
KLM will take delivery of its 17th and final A330 by the end of the year.
Santiago in Chile was one of the final stops on the route-proving tour, undertaken as part of function and reliability testing.
One of the other A350 test aircraft, msn 004 (F-WZNW), sports the logo of first operator, Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways will be the first airline to operate the A350, with the first delivery due in the fourth quarter of the year.
A350 msn 005 at Auckland during its route-proving trials.
The route-proving flights were an opportunity to test the A350's cabin features.
A flight test station in economy class was used throughout the world tour to monitor and verify flight performance data.
A350 pilots will be able to move the approach chart to one of the central multi-function displays to brief for the landing.
The latest variants of the EC135 are the P3 and T3, powered by different engine options. The EC135T3 uses the Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 Plus.
The Airbus Helicopters EC135 production line at its Donauworth plant in Germany.
The EC135T3 revised air intakes are compatible with inlet barrier filters to provide engine protection from sand, dust and FOD.
The span of the EC135T3’s composite horizontal stabiliser has been increased, endplate fins removed, and the ventral fin beneath the Fenestron deleted.
EC135T3 launch customer Aiut Alpin Dolomites will replace its T2i (l-HALP), used for mountain rescue missions in the Italian Dolomites.
The EC135T3 made its European debut at the Berlin Air Show in May 2014.
An early production EC135T3 with only 9.5 hours on the clock was demonstrated to Aiut Alpin pilots at Trento in July 2014.
The Thales glass cockpit with Garmin GTN750 GPS nav/comms and GPS systems display.
The airline's remaining four MD-11s will be phased out in October 2014.
The first flight test PC-24 during the type’s roll-out at Buochs on August 1, 2014.
Honeywell’s Primus Apex avionics, including SmartView synthetic vision and graphical planning systems, feature in the PC-24’s cockpit.
Six seats is the standard configuration for the PC-24 but five other cabin layout options are available.
Pilatus has designed the PC-24 to operate from rough-field strips, as can its PC-12 turboprop.
The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X's cabin accommodates three passengers at the rear and two pilots or one pilot and passenger up front.
The two-screen Garmin G1000 avionics selected for the Jet Ranger X.
Bell 505 Jet Ranger X mock-up displayed at EBACE at Geneva in May 2014.
Artist’s impression of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X light helicopter.
St Maarten in the Dutch Antilles, currently served with a 747, is one of the destinations KLM’s 787 Dreamliners will fly to after entering service.
KLM's 48 Boeing 737s, along with Cityhopper’s E-Jets and Fokker 70s, feed its Schiphol hub.
KLM’s hub at Amsterdam Schiphol is central to the airline’s business model.
The ARC Horizon flight deck in the Bell 525 Relentless uses Garmin G5000H avionics, including four large screens.
The Lift Assist Tail Boom Design features the vertical tailplane cantered slightly to the left. This mock-up lacks the sponsons for the main undercarriage, which were added in 2014.
Bell aims to capture a large percentage of the booming energy platform support role with the Model 525 Relentless. PHI was the first potential customer identified, the original mock-up being unveiled in its colours.
Bell is also promoting the Model 535 Relentless for the maritime search and rescue role.