Air International 2014-10
D.Oliver - EC135P3/T3 Generation Three /Commercial/
The latest variants of the EC135 are the P3 and T3, powered by different engine options. The EC135T3 uses the Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 Plus.
The Airbus Helicopters EC135 production line at its Donauworth plant in Germany.
The EC135T3 revised air intakes are compatible with inlet barrier filters to provide engine protection from sand, dust and FOD.
The span of the EC135T3’s composite horizontal stabiliser has been increased, endplate fins removed, and the ventral fin beneath the Fenestron deleted.
EC135T3 launch customer Aiut Alpin Dolomites will replace its T2i (l-HALP), used for mountain rescue missions in the Italian Dolomites.
The EC135T3 made its European debut at the Berlin Air Show in May 2014.
An early production EC135T3 with only 9.5 hours on the clock was demonstrated to Aiut Alpin pilots at Trento in July 2014.
The Thales glass cockpit with Garmin GTN750 GPS nav/comms and GPS systems display.