Air International 2014-10
A.Mladenov - New Trekker /Commercial/
The mock-up of the Trekker at Heli-Expo in Anaheim was actually an AW 109 Power airframe fitted with skids.
The Da Vinci is a tailored version of the AW109SP Grand New equipped with single controls and an electronic flight information system.
The GrandNew is a follow-on from the popular AW109S Grand.
The large cabin in the GrandNew offers room for up to six passengers - or up to two stretchers plus medical attendants.
In two-pilot configuration, the Trekker’s Garmin 1000H avionics consist of two displays for the pilot in the right seat and one for the co-pilot.
An artist's impression of the Trekker in the air: the type combines the GrandNew's stretched fuselage with skids.