Air International 2014-06
S.Aloni - Israel's Storm /Military/
The F-15Is of 69 Squadron and the Sufas of 107 Squadron are both based at Hatzerim.
Negev Squadron Sufa 482 on finals to landing at Nevatim during an air-to-air combat training deployment in November 2008 - with Bat Squadron Sufa 451 in the background on finals to a parallel runway.
1) The UAV, in red circle, during tracking. 2) The Python missile, indicated by the green arrow, approaches the UAV (in red circle). 3) The UAV is hit. 4) The Sufa that shot the UAV down, highlighted by the blue rectangle, passes over the wreckage.
Negev Squadron Sufa 253 in strike configuration with GBU-15 electro-optical guided bombs.
Sufa 253 from the Negev Squadron demonstrates flares release.
Negev Squadron Sufa 407 - in attack configuration with laser-guided bombs - taxis from a hardened aircraft shelter.
The first two F-16Is (nos 407 and 408) delivered to Israel arriving at Ramon after their ferry flight from the US in 2004.
A three-ship of 119 Squadron Sufas over the Negev Desert with each jet in a different weapons fit. Sufa 413 is in air-to-air configuration, 451 in strike configuration with laser-guided bombs and 494 in attack configuration with the Delilah missile.
The IAF Flight Test Center at Tel Nof flies Sufa 401, which is instrumented for trials of new equipment.
Lockheed Martin rolled out the first F-16I on November 14, 2003 as '253', fitted with conformal fuel tanks, three under-wing fuel tanks, two navigation and targeting pods, four defensive missiles and two offensive weapons, in this case JDAM bombs.
The final F-16I, Sufa 898, at Hatzerim shortly after arrival in Israel on February 1, 2009 and prior to having 107 Squadron markings applied.
The F-16I's primary role is long-range strike, but it also carries two AIM-120 missiles and two Python missiles for air-to-air missions.
A Negev Squadron tradition is to kick new members after their first solo flight.
The sizes of the external fuel tanks and conformal tanks are clear on this 107 Squadron Sufa being prepared to depart Hatzerim with two JDAM bombs in March 2009.
Sufa 107 from 107 Squadron at a parade at Hatzerim on July 5, 2006.
The IAF Mission Training Center, inaugurated on December 19, 2013, links F-16C/D Barak and F-16I Sufa simulators and a ground control station.