Air International 2013-08
S.Dworkin - Tip of the Spear /Military/
An F/A-18E assigned to VFA-147 Argonauts' (left) and an F/A-18F from VFA-154 'Black Knights' (right) form up over the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain range.
A formation of VFA-147 and VFA-154 jets pass overhead Lemoore Naval Air Station.
A rare mixed formation of VFA-147 F/A-18E and VFA-154 F/A-18F Super Hornets.
An F/A-18F Super Hornet assigned to VFA-154 'Black Knights' bounces on runway 32L at NAS Lemoore during field carrier landing practice.
Lt Cdr Ryan Fulwider scans for two approaching Super Hornets from below over the California desert.
A crewman cleans the windshield of a VFA-147 aircraft prior to an early morning launch.
Team Argo with the VFA-147 ramp in the background.
VFA-147 F/A-18E Super Hornet BuNo 166442/'NH214' in close formation with the photoship.
Lt Leslie Romig conducts an inspection on one of the VFA-147 aircraft... ironically the one that carries her name.
Practice makes perfect. Pilots from VFA-154 talk down a Super Hornet from the LSO shack at Lemoore.
A plane captain signals the pilot of a VFA-147 jet to taxi.
An Argo jet bouncing the pattern in front of the LSO shack at Lemoore.. note the proximity of the LSO shack to the actual runway.
Preparing to launch from the VFA-147 ramp at NAS Lemoore, California.
Commanding Officer of VFA-147 Cdr Ernie Spence presents an award to one of the outstanding members of Team Argo.
Members of Team Agro inspect the landing gear and tyres of a Super Hornet.
Lt Matt Simmons, a VFA-147 pilot, prepares to launch in the colorful Argonauts' CAG-bird.
VFA-147 sailors discussing the status of the Argo's CAG-bird during pre-flight procedures on the ramp at NAS Lemoore.
Ground crews load a missile rail onto Cdr Ernest Spence's jet in preparation for an upcoming flight.
A VFA-147 F/A-18E Super Hornet undertaking field carrier landing practice at NAS Lemoore.
Chilly early morning pre-flight launch preparations.