Air International 2013-05
I.Harding - Yeovil's New Twin /Commercial/
The AW189 SAR variant will play a pivotal role in the provision of search and rescue in the UK.
The eight-tonne AW189 is optimised for the onshore/offshore passenger transport role.
AW189 prototype P4 on a test flight from AgustaWestland's Yeovil facility in Somerset on November 23, 2012.
AW189 protoype PP5 is the one non-instrumented prototype that is closest to a series production standard aircraft, and is likely to be used for instructor training in Italy this spring.
Prototype P4 is instrumented for load certification and is being used to increase the AW189's maximum take-off weight and demonstrate the aircraft's structural capabilities to the European Aviation Safety Agency.
The AW189's cabin design can be configured to meet customer specific requirements and is large enough to accomodate 12 to 18 passengers.
The main features of the AW189 cockpit are four 8x10 inch colour active matrix liquid crystal displays with button-selectable menus that enable the crew to constantly monitor flight information.