Air International 2013-05
R.Niccoli - Naval Revolution. Italy's SH-90 NFH /Military/
SH-90A MM.81951/'3-05' flying over the hills near the base at Luni reveals the shallow radome of the Thales ENR search radar, under the fuselage.
Following a low-level mission over the sea, an SH-90 taxies through the shower to wash away salt water from the helicopter.
The nose of an SH-90A showing the different sensors of the Elettronica ELT ESW system and Sagem's Artemis FLIR.
The two consoles used by the systems operators are comfortably located side-by-side in the cargo cabin.
The cockpit of the SH-90 is dominated by five large 203 x 203mm colour MFD screens made by Thales, which display all flight, aircraft and mission systems information.