Aeroplane Monthly 1990-07
J.Wenstedt - Fokker's first
Fokker company test pilot Edwin Boshoff gets airborne in the newly-restored Spin replica in March this year. The Hirth engine, almost the only part of the machine that is not see-through, is the one used when the replica was originally built and flown in 1936 to celebrate Anthony Fokker's 25yr in aviation.
White scarf trailing in the slipstream, Boshoff has his hands full keeping the Spin straight and level. Note the aircraft's dove-type tail, sharply dihedralled and sweptback wings and ladder-like fuselage frame.
Restorer Piet Weij starts the inverted Hirth engine for another flight.
Anthony Fokker aboard an original Spin (similar to the airworthy replica) in 1911 or 1912.