Aeroplane Monthly 1990-07
R.Beamont - Atlantic Double
VX185 taxies in at Gander at 1112hr BST - note the Catalina in the background.
VX185 landing back at Aldergrove in the rain at 1630hr.
Canberra B.Mk 5: Target-marking variant to Spec B22/48. Prototype VX185 (PR.3 converted) powered by 7,500 lb Avon 109s (R.A.7s). Flew July 6, 1951. No production and aircraft converted in 1954 to prototype B(I).8.
English Electric Canberra B Mk 5 prototype "Target Marker" VX185, at the company test airfield, Warton, in 1952.
B.5 VX185 taking off for Newfoundland at 0634hr from Aldergrove on August 26, 1952.
The reception back at Aldergrove after VX185 had landed, touching down on the rain-soaked runway 10hr 4min after leaving it for Gander that morning.
Nose detail on VX185, showing the revised symmetrical bomb-aimer's window.
Press call for the crew of Canberra VX185 at Aldergrove. From left to right: Dennis Watson, the author and Peter Hillwood.
The reception back at Warton at 1830hr on August 26, 1952 for VX185. Left to right: Messrs Atkinson, Page, Eaves, Pickthall, Watson, Shorrock, Hollock, author, Hothersal and Hillwood.
The author brings B Mk 8 prototype VX185 ever closer to the photographer - no zoom lenses in those days! - July 28, 1954.
With the cancellation of the "Target Marker" requirement, VX185 with the new interdictor nose became the prototype for the successful Mk 8 series. The author is seen here flying VX185 for photographs on July 28, 1954.
VX185 modified to prototype B Mk 8 interdictor configuration, seen here at Samlesbury before its first flight, on July 23, 1954.