Aeroplane Monthly 1990-07
J.Meadows - Flying for fun (2)
Hawker Hart K4441, built by Armstrong Whitworth early in 1935, pictured at Hooton Park aerodrome in 1938 when it flew with 610(B) Sqn. Later it passed to 25 ERFTS, 10 FTS and finally 3 FTS before being struck off RAF charge in June 1940.
A formation pilot's view of Hawker Hart K1427, a 12Sqn machine. This early Hart 1 was delivered to the RAF at the end of 1930 and became an instructional airframe in December 1933.
A Hart pilot’s view of ice forming on the centre-section and its various wires and struttery - March 1934. One remedy at the time was to apply glycerine to the places where ice was most likely to form.
Hawker Audax K5150 of the Royal Air Force College. It first flew with 10 FTS and was struck off RAF charge in July 1940.
The Tiger Moth remained in RAF service for more than 15yr and by the outbreak of World War Two more than 1,000 had been delivered, mostly to Elementary Flying Training Schools.
Pupils and instructors at an Elementary Flying Training School at Yatesbury prepare for the day’s flying in August 1940 - a new batch of pupils after classroom instruction goes out for flying practice and takes over the aircraft which the former batch have just used.