Aeroplane Monthly 1993-09
M.Simons - Sling's sailplanes (11)
The contest number 19 and the transparent canopy identify this Petrel as that flown by P. M. Watt, taking a winch launch at the 1939 National Competitions held in July at Camphill, Derbyshire.
Petrel BGA 651 has been restored partly to its original clear-doped and varnish finish. It is seen here at a vintage glider rally at Sutton Bank.
A post-war photograph of Slingsby Petrel BGA 418 in flight, taken by Charles E. Brown.
The only Petrel built with a fixed tailplane, BGA 651 flew in Eire for many years and was retired to a museum. It was returned to England in 1973 and restored to flying condition and became part of the Russavia collection. The wheeled dolly is dropped after take-off.
Left, the instrument panel of BGA 418. The knob on the left is for the tow release.
Right, the instrument panel of BGA 651. The tuft of wool on the pitot tube is the most sensitive slip indicator available, and the cheapest.
Slingsby Type 13 Petrel