Aeroplane Monthly 1993-09
A.Williams - Heavy guns of the RAF (2)
The RAF's Bell Airacobra was similar to the USAAF P-39D except that it was fitted with a 20mm gun rather than the latter’s 37mm cannon.
North American Mustang I AM166 fitted with a pair of 40mm Vickers S guns, pictured in spring 1943 at the A&AEE.
A B-25 Mitchell fitted with a 75mm cannon.
На «Москито» FB.XVIII была установлена 57-мм пушка вместо четырех 20-мм
A Mosquito Mk XVIII fitted with a 6-pounder Molins gun beneath its four 0-303in machineguns.
Hurricane Mk IIA Z2326 flew trials fitted with two 40mm Vickers S guns.