Air International 2019-07
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Norway's AW101 is the first variant to be equipped with Leonardo-Finmeccanica's Osprey AESA radar which provides a 360° field of view. The system comprises three flat panels; one in the aircraft's nose cone and two at the rear of the aircraft facing outward to create a 360° view. The system enables flight crew to electronically steer the radar beam to obtain radar images which are then fused with other sensor data to develop a clear image of flying conditions.
Norwegian and LH personnel conduct winch training aboard Norway 02.
Norway 03 performing search and rescue training during the OT&E phase.
Norwegian aircrew training on the Full Flight Simulator at Leonardo Helicopters new AW101 Norway Training Centre located at Sola-Stavanger Airport. As well as training Norwegian aircrew, the simulator will be available to other AW101 customers.
Massachusetts Air National Guard F-15 Eagles prepare to depart from Bodo Main Air Station during Arctic Challenge.
Nea Anghialos-based Block 50 F-16C, serial number 053, fitted with an AAQ-28 Litening targeting pod was one of six F-16s from 347 Mira deployed to Andravida for Iniochos.
Israeli Air Force 117 Squadron also based at Ramat David deployed seven Block 30 F-16Cs to Andravida including aircraft 364
Israeli Air Force 109 'The Valley Squadron’ based at Ramat David Air Base participated in Iniochos 2019 with six Block 30 F-16Ds. It is understood that the training undertaken in Greece helped prepare the aircrews for an airstrike against an IRGC-run rocket and ballistic missile factory in Masyaf, Syria on April 13, 2019.
A Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16AM in D-Day commemorative marks was one of the 331 Skvadron machines to take part in ACE 2019.
Block 52+ F-16D, serial number 608, from 340 Mira based at Souda Bay, Crete; the unit is a frequent participant in Exercise Iniochos.
UAE Air Force Mirage 2000-9 759 at Andravida. On the request of the UAE government, flights and missions involving UAEAF fighters were planned when no Israeli Air Force F-16s were flying.
Three Aeronautica Militare Tornado ECRs assigned to 155 Gruppo participated in this year's big Greek gun fight; aircraft MM7055/6-65 is seen loaded with a pair of CATM-88B HARM anti-radiation captive training missiles.
Egoz commandos board a C-130H Karnaf for their flight back to Israel.
Ya'sur 2025 040 landing at Akamas carrying a Land Rover Defender and Egoz commandos.
Finnish Hornets take on fuel from the Luftwaffe A310 MRTT shortly after take-off from Rovaniemi Air Base.
Non-military operated aircraft like this Learjet 36 operated by German company GFD were engaged in various roles related to jamming and threat simulation.
The first three of eight 1-tonne CDS containers begin their descent to mother earth after extraction from Atlas C1 ZM419 over a drop zone at Salisbury Plain during a trials flight on November 2, 2018.
Atlas C1 ZM414 landing on the beach at Pembrey Sands, Carmarthenshire, West Wales during natural surface operations' trials on December 10, 2018.
RAF engineers work on the flight deck of Atlas C1 ZM411 at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus
Ultimate airdrop: 24 CDS containers drop from an Atlas C1 over Salisbury Plain on November 6, 2018. This was one of the biggest ever air-dropped loads from any type of UK aircraft on record.
A Diamond DA40 chase plane was used to capture high-speed footage of CDS container extraction from the Atlas C1.
Alpha Company, 40 Commando Royal Marines, disembark Atlas C1 ZM414 on arrival at Beef Island Airport in the British Virgin Islands.
The cargo load trainer outside 24 Squadron's building at Brize.
Twelve 1-tonne containers parachute to mother earth from an Atlas C1 during a CDS extraction trial mission over a drop zone at Salisbury Plain last November.
The RAF's front-line Atlas C1 unit, 70 Squadron, marked its centenary in 2016 by applying a full-colour squadron badge on the tail of ZM406.
Cargo handlers from Beef Island Airport unload supplies from Atlas C1 ZM414 during hurricane relief operations in September 2017.
A flight deck shot of an Atlas C1 during a flypast over Brussels, Belgium, for a NATO summit on the May 25, 2017.
One of three AH-64Ds involved in exercises IASON 2019 and Nikoklis Down 2019 loaded with two 230-gallon external tanks, CATM-114K Hellfire and Spike NLOS captive training missiles.
One of two EA-19G Growler electronic attack aircraft at Jyvaskyla-Tikkakoski Air Base, during the annual airshow.
A Diamond DA40 chase plane was used to capture high-speed footage of CDS container extraction from the Atlas C1.
Two Swiss Hornets taxi to the runway at Leeuwarden. During the exercise the Swiss jets operated from the northern part of the Frisian base, together with French Mirage 2000Ds and Volkel-based KLu F-16s.
As the last built Swiss jet of a series, F/A-18C J-5026 traditionally received a zap on the left-hand side of the forward fuselage. In this case it is a cartoon of an alien in a UFO. This was the only Hornet present at Leeuwarden carrying an ASQ-228 ATFLIR pod, which was not used during the exercise.
Lieutenant Colonel Marc Studer seen taxiing for take-off in Hornet Oil on April 8, 2019.
Among the four F/A-18Cs participating in Frisian Flag was Fliegerstaffel 11’s flag ship J-5011, seen taxiing for its departure back to Switzerland on April 9, 2019. The Hornets had to depart Leeuwarden early as they were required in support of the evaluation flights of the Eurofighter Typhoon, as part of the competition for a new combat aircraft for the Schweizer Luftwaffe.
Finnish Hornets take on fuel from the Luftwaffe A310 MRTT shortly after take-off from Rovaniemi Air Base.
US Marine Corps F/A-18D Hornets at Rovaniemi Air Base in preparation for exercise Bold Quest 19.1 on May 14, 2019. The jets remained in Finland to take part in ACE 19.
F-4E PI-2000 Phantom II, serial number 01528, was one of the six from 338 Mira to participate in Iniochos 2019.
One of two KC-130Hs arrived at Pathos on May 20, 2019 with Egoz commandos on board.