Air International 2019-07
D.Marcellino - Water vs fire /Parapublic/
Four S-64Fs are available for fire-fighting work, each named after a Native American tribe chief.
Vigili del Fuoco S-64F Skycrane I-CFAH (c/n S64-080) operating in Piedmont in 2017.
The S-64F's water tank has 9,000 litres (1,979 gallons) capacity and is refilled by using either a pond snorkel or a sea snorkel.
An S-64F flying in very poor visibility; the main rotor downwash creating a challenging flying environment.
Aerospatiale SA315B Lama I-MURE (c/n 2509) with a rigid Bambi bucket prepares to depart for the fire on the mountain in the background.
Eliossola AS350B3 Ecureuil I-ERMS (c/n 2214) refilling its Bambi bucket from a mobile basin that is filled by a Vigili del Fuoco water tanker.
A Bombardier CL-415 prepares to scoop water from Lac du Mont Censie, just across the French border, used in the Piedmont fire-fighting operations.
The CL-415 can drop up to 6,000 litres (1,319 gallons) at a time, although for the Piedmont fires they were only loaded up to about 70-80% of their capacity.
Vigili del Fuoco Bombardier CL-415 l-DPCN (c/n 20008) dropping water on a fire in Piedmont in 2017.
Vigili del Fuoco AB412 VF 74 working in Piedmont with its Bambi bucket; this agency sends its helicopters to regions when they are required.
A Carabinieri AB412 in the livery of the now-disbanded Corpo Forestale dello Stato, preparing to extract water from a lake using a Bambi bucket.