Air International 2013-04
P.Butowski - Ruslan /Commercial/
An-124-100-150 UR-82072 (c/n 9773053359136) is one of seven operated by Antonov Airlines.
Volga-Dnepr is the largest civilian operator of the An-124.
Libyan Air Cargo An-124 5A-DKL (c/n 19530502761) at Gostomel airport in September 2004.
UAE-based Maximus Air Cargo operates An-124-100 UR-ZYD (c/n 19530502843).
Unloading Mi-171 helicopters at Burundi airport in 2004.
Loading an F-16 at Kyrgyzstan in February 2003.
Afghan Air Force Mi-24s arrive at Kabul in December 2008.
The proposed An-124-200 cockpit console (centre), navigator's station (left) and engineer's position (right).
The Ruslan's flight deck accommodates six crew members comprising pilot, co-pilot, navigator, two flight engineers and a radio operator.
Volga-Dnepr's An-124 Boeingski concept cockpit.