Air International 2014-12
H.-P. Grolleau - Rafale M Gets Active /Military/
The Rafales AESA was thoroughly tested on Mirage 2000B s/n 501, which was modified a Rafale nose and ballast at the rear.
M39's pilot goes through the final check under the careful watch of two Flottille 12F engineers.
This Rafale leaves the catapult in dry power. Such is its power that the afterburner is only needed for heavy configurations.
An engineer is cleared by hand signals to come closer to Rafale M39.
The Rafale has now ome the full omnirole fighter once envisaged by French decision-makers.
The French Carrier Group trained with AESA-equipped Rafales for the first time during exercise Catamaran 2014. Here, M39 is marshalled towards the waist catapult.
An engineer cleans the HUD of Rafale M37 prior to a training mission from the Charles de Gaulle.
Three Rafales being prepared for the next cycle. Once at sea, the Charles de Gaulle's fighters always fly at a sustained rate.
Rafale M17 is towed towards a new parking spot between two waves of flying.
Rafale M40 is equipped with DDM-NG detectors on the side of the fin.
Rafale M17 lines up on the catapult.