Air International 2014-12
C.Kjelgaard - Transforming Lufthansa Cargo /Commercial/
Boeing 777F D-ALFB (c/n 48782) at Montreal-Trudeau: one of three Canadian destinations served by Lufthansa Cargo. The other two are Toronto and Vancouver.
Boeing 777F D-ALFD (c/n 41677) was delivered to Lufthansa Cargo in June 2014; it was the fourth to enter service with the carrier.
MD-11 D-ALCR (c/n 48581) being loaded with palletised freight at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion, Israel.
MD-11 D-ALCD (c/n 48784) being loaded with a 15,000 lb (6,804kg) Jettainer AMH 10ft container at Montevideo-Carrasco Airport in Uruguay.
Aircraft refuelling technicians prepare to fuel an MD-11 at Beijing-Capital International Airport, China.