Air International 2014-12
N.Pittaway - Spreading its Wings /Military/
Taxi tests of the first Airbus Defence and Space A400M for the Luftwaffe (54+01, msn 18) began on October 12, 2014 at the manufacturer’s facility in Seville, Spain. The transport was painted in Luftwaffe colours two days earlier. The first Luftwaffe A400M 54+01 made its first flight on October 14.
An A400M dropping 24 one-tonne Container Delivery Systems in a single pass at Cazaux in September during airdrop tests.
MSN22, the first Malaysian A400M, in assembly at Seville.
The A400M's Final Assembly Line in Seville has seen a ramp-up in activity over the last year.
The RAF has now received all nine Voyagers.