Air International 2015-01
M.Broadbent - Polar Flyers /Commercial/
A BAS Twin Otter flying low over a striking crevasse field.
With the Twin Otters' skis weighing close 800lb (363kg), the aircraft have an increased gross weight of 14,000lb (6,350kg) to give them a useful cargo and fuel payload.
The Rothera hangar is the BAS Air Unit’s base in Antarctica.
A BAS Twin Otter undergoing refuelling at the Sky-Blu ice runway under the midnight sun.
The Twin Otters deliver fuel drums to forward locations and research camps.
A Twin Otter and the Dash 7 flying close to Rothera Research Station.
The BAS Dash 7 provides the intercontinental link to Rothera from South America
The Dash 7 over the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, close to Rothera Research Station.
The Dash 7 on the blue ice runway at Sky-Blu.