Air International 2015-02
R.Niccoli - Italy's Black Cats /Military/
An AMX of the ‘Black Cats’ Task Group with a Rafael RecceLite pod on the centreline.
An AMX being loaded with Lizard LGBs.
The 51° Stormo Commander, Colonel Maurizio D’Andrea, taken post-flight at Istrana air base.
A Lizard laser-guided bomb comprises a Rafael LGB kit fitted to a 500 lb (226 kg) Mk82 general purpose bomb.
An AMX taking off from Herat with no weapons, for a familiarisation flight.
Two AMXs on the Herat runway before a close air support mission on behalf of ISAF forces.
Eight AMXs lined up at Herat on July 22, 2010. Taken on the occasion of an aircraft change, with the four new aircraft on the ramp together with the four destined to fly back to Italy.
The AMX’s typical load for multi-role missions in Afghanistan: a RecceLite or Litening II pod on the centreline, two Lizard LGBs, and two 580 litre (127 imp gal) underwing fuel tanks.
Two 'Black Cats' AMXs approach a US Air Force tanker in June 2012 during the second phase of their deployment, when the aircraft were cleared to be armed with Lizard laser-guided bombs.
An AMX on the ramp at Herat, awaiting the next mission. The Black Cats logged 10,526 flying hours in 3,583 sorties during their time in theatre.