Air International 2015-08
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Patas Negras /Military/
Three F-5Ms taxi to the runway at Torrejon Air Base near Madrid to take part in a flypast. Equipped with modern avionics, the F-5M is a capable aircraft for students to fly and transition to combat units.
This experimental colour scheme was applied to F-5 AE9-027 in 2007, probably to simulate the profile of an F-18 Hornet during an air defence exercise. The scheme was soon abandoned.
Training missions flown by Ala 23 from Talavera last a little over an hour, although air-to-air sorties are shorter due to the greater use of afterburner during manoeuvring.
Ensign Moral and Major Lagos board an F-5M prior to an air-to-air training mission with other aircraft from the unit.
The last phase of fighter pilot training at Talavera is usually dedicated to air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.
An F-5M from the Ala 23 returns to Talavera following an air-to-air mission with a Eurofighter from Ala 11 at Moron.
Talavera Air Base shares its runway with a civilian airport.
F-5B serial number AE9-10 was the prototype for a structural modernisation programme undertaken by Israel Aircraft Industries and CASA. It is shown returning from its first test flight, having yet to receive a grey paint scheme.
Exchanges and exercises with the Royal Moroccan Air Force take place every year. An F-5M waits at the runway threshold along with a Moroccan F-5E during Exercise NAVIMAES.
Students undertake a minimum of 36 hours in this simulator during the fighter course.
A Royal Moroccan Air Force F-5F taxies to the active runway during an exchange with Ala 23 at Talavera.