Air International 2020-05
P.Butowski - Russian Review
The Su-47 was shown as a historic exhibit at the MAKS 2019 airshow at Zhukovsky last August.
The S-22 mock-up as first revealed in the recent Sukhoi Design Bureau publication.
The definitive S-32 configuration, seen in model form, including flattened engine nozzles and (not visible in this view) arrester hook.
The Tu-160M performs its first flight on February 2, 2020. Note the new electronic warfare antenna in the tail.
Aircraft '4-05' in its previous guise, as '22 Red' of the 184th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment based in Pryluky in Ukraine, in 1991.
The An-140-100 Syomshchik's markings indicate that it belongs to Russia's Aerospace Forces; unfortunately, the aircraft's individual identity remains unknown.
Self-defence equipment - including warning sensors on the undercarriage sponsons and in the rear fuselage, and flare launchers on the fuselage sides - indicate an alternative combat role for the photographic survey aircraft.
Indian Navy Ka-31 serial 565 with the antenna of the E-801E Oko (eye) radar deployed.
Ka-31 serial 561 was the first example for the Indian Navy’s INAS 339 'Falcons' at Goa.